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Following the success of the Cambridge Gin Spring–Summer 2013 blend, the Autumn–Winter 2013 has arrived to brighten up the darker evenings. Created in The Cambridge Distillery, Cambridge Gin is the UK’s first seasonal gin. It features botanicals grown and foraged in Cambridge from Midsummer’s Day onwards. Each botanical is macerated and distilled individually under vacuum to create just 600ml at a time. These are painstakingly collected throughout the season, then balanced and blended to produce just 50 litres of this beautifully crafted gin. Each bottle of Cambridge Gin Autumn – Winter 2013 is bottled, signed and sealed by hand, and available exclusively in Selfridge’s.

Tasting Notes:
We recommend tasting Autumn – Winter 2013 over ice in a short glass. The initial warmth of juniper is softened with the herbaceous rosemary mid-note. Fresh nettle lends a crisp character, balanced with the sweetness of elderberry. As the ice melts, gradual dilution reveals the gentle spice of ginger and fennel which combine to provide a lingering, evolving finish.

Bottled at 44% ABV, the Autumn – Winter 2013 is not only a product of the season, but also designed to be enjoyed during the season. Rich, full-bodied with a touch of spice, it’s the perfect winter warmer.

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