Chase Rhubarb Vodka


Chase slowly cook British Rhubarb and then marinade it with their award-winning, three times distilled Chase Original Vodka in a beautiful copper pot still. The resultant spirit is then further distilled a fourth time to infuse the flavours before adding macerated fresh rhubarb and filtering to leave a delicate pink colour. On the nose; a natural scent of rhubarb and custard, with the subtle sweetness of rhubarb on the palate.

This vodka is best enjoyed in a Champagne or Prosecco cocktail, served with a vanilla pod for a taste just like rhubarb crumble.

Arriving in a white framed presentation box, this fine spirit is made with full pedigree, gluten-free potatoes that are grown, mashed, fermented and distilled at the Chase family farm in Herefordshire.

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