Cure & Simple Bacon Subscription


Cure & Simple Bacon Subscription
We love our bacon traditionally cured and flavoured with our bespoke recipes. Our all natural cures are blended by hand and rubbed generously into our delicious pork. We then leave the mix to do its work for at least a week before air drying; the results are an unmistakable intense flavour

So much effort goes into rearing our pigs why wouldn't we choose the best ingredients for our flavourings? We search high and low for herbs and spices that ideally complement our recipes and makes our bacon so very tasty.

Whether you are mad about bacon or wanting to treat yourself once a month, there is a plan for you. Choose the plan you are after and we will deliver to you gorgeous bacon as per the plan. We will bill and deliver to you automatically so there is no need to come back to the site. Remember there are no contracts or commitment and if you want to stop at anytime you can do this simply by logging into your account.

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