Gold Geo Glass Tumblers by Root7


Geo Glass from Root7

It's about time the humble drinks tumbler had a new look.

Root7's Geo Glass takes inspiration from modern terrariums with a unique angular shape, emphasised by beautiful metallic styled edges. The thick hand blown glass gives it a weighty and sturdy feel while the lip has been crafted to provide a satisfying drinking experience.

Perfect for your favourite spirit or cocktail, as well as being suitable for everyday use at home. Stackable & gorgeous, you can even use these to beautifully display your favourite succulent! (that's a miniature plant or cactus to you and me).

Root7's Geo Glass is available in both Black & Gold.

The Geo Glasses are perfect:

As a Whiskey Tumbler

For Gin and Tonic

For Orange Juice

For Tequila Cocktails

For Wine

For Water

You can use Root7's Geo Glasses for a multitude of different drinks. You decide!!! #DrinkDifferently

Root7's Geo Glass Production Process

Root7's Geo Glasses are handmade glass and produced from soda-lime glass - which is lead free, unlike crystal. The ingredients are made up primarily of sand, soda ash and lime. Creating the 'recipe' and mixing the ingredients scientifically in the correct proportions is a skilled task and ensures that the texture, consistency, colour and clarity of the finished piece is exactly as desired. The mixture is heated up to several hundred degrees centigrade in a gas-fired kiln. Occasionally, bubbles of air can get trapped within the molten glass during this process and it is these that can sometimes be seen in the finished product. (A normal and acceptable part of the process of handmade, mouth blown glass).

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