Indian Chicken Curry Kit


An authentic curry kit, in a box!

This is the brainchild of Yasmin, a self-confessed foodie and founder of Scotia Spice. Punjabi cooking is very dear to Yasmin's heart as she grew up in a house full of the warm, rich aromas of Punjabi cooking and learnt to cook from both of her parents who were both amazing cooks. As well as the kits, Yasmin also has a cookery school where she loves to pass on her cookery skills.

The chicken curry kit contains all the spices you need to make the recipes twice over, as well as several accompaniments, along with green lentils to make the dhal. The kit comes with a handy booklet with a guide to tasting spices, tips and recipes for 6 items. The chicken curry starts off with simmering onion, pepper, tomato, garlic and ginger together in water, which is a different method to the usual frying. Next the spices are added and left to simmer a minute. Then the heat is turned to high and oil is added which is stirred continuously until the fat separates and you get a glossy sauce. This might need a bit of practice for the uninitiated. I'm not sure if our sauce was entirely the right consistency, but the flavours were spot on. The chicken is added, Yasmin recommends chicken thighs as they have more flavour than chicken breast, and leave to simmer. Result, one tasty curry!

The kit would make a great gift, it comes in a beautifully designed box and will last for several meals.

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