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We love working with our local Indie friends, and for this Irish Cheese Board we've joined forces with Northern Ireland's first raw milk blue cheese producer and fine Irish cheesemonger, Michael Thomson of "Mike's Fancy Cheese", to bring you the biggest and best selection of local raw milk Irish cheeses straight to your door.

Michael is renowned for having access to the very best cheeses on the Irish market, he puts in the hard yards travelling the length and breadth of the island, meeting the producers and tasting their fabulous cheeses, and we love them for that.

With this Irish Cheese Board not only will we bring you great cheese, but we'll bring you great accompaniments too: locally baked crackers and toasts and handmade relishes and chutneys from our extensive range here at Indie Fude.

Plus, we'll even throw in some tasting notes, allowing you to read the story behind the cheese and it's maker, and allow you to pair the cheeses with other great food and wines!

What's on the board?

Young Buck 200g

Cavanbert 200g

Coolattin Cheddar 200g

St Tola 200g

1 x Sheridan's Rye & Linseed Crackers

1 x Deli Muru - Fig & Onion Chutney

1 x Erin Grove - Chutney for Cheese

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