Luxury Gin Alcoholic Sweets


6 luxury alcoholic gin sweets based around your favourite cocktail flavours

The box includes three of each flavour:

Gin and Tonic: violet infused gin pastille coated with a tart lemon sugar

A Spring Clean: an elderflower and gin pastille coated with thyme infused sugar

The perfect gift for any Gin cocktail fan, these sweets are like none you will have ever seen before. Created in the same way as a cocktail; fresh ingredients, alcohol and a secret recipe, Smith & Sinclair’s Alcoholic Gin Sweets are a completely original innovation in alcoholic enjoyment and the perfect party ice breaker. They make great gifts for sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, expectant brides and grooms.

The first (solid) alcohol product on the market with the retention of 6-8% abv per pastille (0.4 units), the concept is not just a modernised jello shot but is changing the way we consume cocktails entirely.

Smith & Sinclair have designed the pastilles to not taste overwhelmingly alcoholic. After the first fizz hits your tongue, you will then experience the chewy consistency, somewhere between an American hard gum and a French pâte de fruit with an adult kick at the end.

made from:
Ingredients: Gin, Gelatine, Sugar, Glucose, Bicarbonate Soda, Dehydrated Lemon, Malic Acid, Natural Elderflower Flavouring, Natural Violet Flavouring, Thyme, Juniper Bitters.

Contains fresh fruit and spices, premium spirits and gelatin.

No artificial colours or preservatives.

This product has a shelf life of 12 months from production. Once opened we recommend consumption within 1 week.

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