Medium Organic Mixed Meat Box


Medium Organic Mixed Meat Box

Higher Hacknell's mixed selection of choice organic meat cuts has become a top favourite, offering delicious meat at an affordable price. This makes an ideal monthly box and is especially popular with regular customers and families. Their butcher has chosen an excellent range of cuts to provide a great variety of recipes for all occasions! Plenty of weekend roasts, everyday suppers and something for special occasions

It is ideal for family meals providing about 14 meals for 4 people at an approximate cost of £7 per meal or less than £2 per portion. If you have a larger family, and would like extra steaks or chops to balance the portion sizes, you can add extras to the order.

Contains :

1x topside joint of beef (1kg)
1x half shoulder of lamb joint (1.1kg)
1x  pork leg joint (1kg)
1x whole roasting chicken(1.8-1.9kg)
1x500g pack of diced stewing beef (500g)
2x500g packs mince beef (1kg)
4 x packs frying steaks (800g)
2x packs of 2 lamb chops or steaks (500g)
2x packs of 2 pork steaks (700g)
1x pack of home made sausages (400g)

Total weight approx 8.9 kg

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