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Porter’s Gin is a fusion of old and new. Unbound by conventional methods, we create our gin using a combination of both modern and traditional techniques.

Using cold distillation allows Porter's to extract light flavours from delicate botanicals normally damaged by heat. However, some botanicals are better distilled in the classical way, so they developed their recipe with the UK’s oldest gin distillery, ensuring that they build upon tradition.

All their botanicals are carefully selected and ethically sourced. Each playing an important role in creating a balanced flavour profile with nothing else, aside from water, being added to our gin after distillation. Once they have macerated their unique ingredients, to bring out their essential oils, they are then distilled with 100% British grain wheat spirit.

The botanicals used to create their wonderful gin are: Juniper, angelica, almond, coriander, liquorice, lemon, orange, buddha’s hand, pink peppercorn, orris root, cassia bark and cinnamon. The resulting gin has a bold juniper body and unique citrus profile.

Scottish gin

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