LSA Whiskey Islay Set with Walnut Tray


Named after the Islay region of Scotland, the LSA Whisky Islay Connoisseur Set makes a magnificent addition to any home bar or drinks trolley. The luxurious set combines a selection of handmade, mouth-blown glassware pieces that offer a contemporary approach to whisky drinking.

The large decanter features a generously curved silhouette with a heavy base and a hand-ground stopper, whilst the pair of nosing glasses offer perfectly tapered bowls to concentrate the flavour of fine quality whisky and covers that preserve the aroma for specialist tasting. The perfectly sized serving jug is ideal for those that enjoy a drop of water with their drink and the set is complete with a couple of balanced, heavy-based tumblers.

The hand-finished, solid walnut tray and coasters mimic the aged wooden casks for maturing whisky, allowing you to host dinner parties and special occasions in decadent style. Presented in opulent premium packaging, the set is a stunning gift for any whisky enthusiast.

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