6 of the Best Organic Meat Boxes #OrganicSeptember

We are now in September 2017 and it's getting decidedly autumnal. One of the great things about September is that it is Organic September, a time to celebrate and raise the profile of the amazing farmers, producers and brands who work hard to produce quality food.

There are many reasons to choose organic.  Some people buy organic for what isn't in it, namely potentially harmful chemicals, pesticides, weed killers, GMO's, additives and preservatives. Some people buy organic food because it's healthier, not just because you aren't eating all the nasties, but also because organic fruit, vegetables and crops contain higher levels of antioxidants, and meat and milk contain more Omega 3 fatty acids.   A study from Newcastly University can be found here. From a farming perspective, it is more sustainable because it works with nature, rather than against it, encouraging wildlife and healthy soil and more plant species. As it is less dependent on oil, it is better at reducing our carbon footprint.

The reason we at FOOD et al, particularly like organics is the ability to buy organic meat. Animal welfare is very high on the agenda. Animals are truly free range to live as animals are supposed to, they are not fed genetically modified foods and they are not routinely given antibiotics and wormers. It's better for the animals, us humans and nature.

So to celebrate organic meat, we have created a round-up of 6 of the best organic meat boxes. Enjoy!!

For more information about organic September check out the soil association website.  

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