Asparagus Themed Products

As we are celebrating the month of May we have rounded up some products with a distinctly asparagus feel, which of course are in season at this Spring time! They look good as well as taste good! First up is this charming dish beautifully illustrated with the esteemed vegetable, by Ruth Jackson. Next, if you like your soup in a mug and like asparagus, this asparagus soup mug, could just be perfect for you! From Emma Bridgewater we have this gorgeous purple vegetable platter which also features some asparagus in the medley! On the second row we have a white jelly mould in the shape of asparagus spears, would make a very nice dish when your entertaining! You can even get asparagus printed onto a tea towel as this fine example from Richard Bramble illustrates. Lastly, you can also get some fine and handsome cotton napkins imprinted with a vintage drawing of asparagus! A lovely round up, I hope you will agree?!


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