Asparagus Utensils

With all the asparagus eating that will be going on while this luscious vegetable is in season, you might need some equipment to make life easier in preparing and cooking the covetable asparagus spears. We've done a quick round up.

To start with, you might need a peeler, this one is specially designed for the job, which is a good one from Gefu. Then you might want a kettle to cook them in as cooking the long spears evenly can be tricky! You might then need some servers, as they can be tricky to get hold of too! These ones are an excellent design and quite beautiful!

Moving along, we have an asparagus knife from Burgon and Ball if you have grown your own, lucky you! The next asparagus kettle is pricier but it is very stylish, high quality and handcrafted in copper in Italy. Lastly, we have a delightfully colourful and useful worktop saver illustrated with a watercolour of asparagus!


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