Christmas Chocolate for Kids

To save you some time, we have rounded up some real chocolate treats for the kids at Christmas time. Chocolate is always a good idea but it is especially nice at this time of year, particularly when the Christmas versions are so cute! They almost seem too good to give to the children, but hey it is Christmas! Don't worry we will do an adult version for you too!

Let's start with some white chocolate and this cute polar bear lollipop from Rococo Chocolates. Very tasty! And who could resist this little bambi from Melt Chocolates, so beautifully decorated? Oh and an angel? So devine, from Cocoaloco.

Then we have a lovely festive milk chocolate lolly decorated with snowflakes from Harry Specter. Next is the snowglobe with a little chocolate red robin inside. You could hang this on the tree and see how long it lasts before being eaten! From Diverse Hampers, available at NOTHS. Also available from NOTHS is this sweet chocolate penguin made at Madame Oiseau.

Our third chocolate lollipop choice is from Cocoa Delicious, an obvious choice, with such pretty shapes! We have also featured these excellent chocolate snowballs which are unlikely to be thrown anywhere except into the mouth! No stocking will be complete without some gold chocolate coins and we can heartily recommend these from Artisan du Chocolat. To keep the kids occupied you could try these little chocolate treats for a treasure hunt, from the clever people at Chococo.


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