National Doughnut Week

The 6th May to 13th May 2017 is National Doughnut Week! National Doughnut Week was founded in 1991 and is an opportunity for bakers to raise money by donating what they make from baking doughnuts to the charity The Children's Trust. In case any inspiration is needed, here are some awesome doughnut recipes!

Who can resist these shiny chocolatey concoctions from Twigg Studios? A winning combination of banana, chocolate and caramel! Next we have these gloriously pink coloured doughnuts with sprinkles! Moving on to the classic jelly doughnuts, so beautifully styled from Bakers Royale.

On the second row we start with coffee doughnuts, yes please! Following on we have some baked doughnuts with blueberry and sour cream. Finally, some banana bread doughnuts with an almond butter glaze. Doughnuts don't get much better than this!



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