Fruit and Veg Boxes

Get the year off to a good start with a fruit and veg box.

At this time of year when it's cold and grey, it's important to keep healthy to keep away colds and flu and keep energised. To make sure you get plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet it's a good idea to have a fresh weekly delivery. That way you don't need to think about it, they just turn up ready for use every week! That's a good habit to take up for 2016 and makes any healthier eating resolutions, easier to keep!

First up we have a small handy box from Abel & Cole, full of staple family favourites, containing 3 fruit and 6 seasonal vegetables. The small Riverford box delivers a selection of super fresh and tasty organic fruit and vegetables. The Organic Delivery Company also delivers a great selection with a small box containing 7 types of vegetables and salad with 3 different fruits. Available throughout the London area is Planet Organic's small fruit and vegetable box containing 3 organic fruits and 7 vegetables. The Natoora box contains an interesting selection of organic fruits and vegetables, the clementines and oranges would be particularly welcome this week!

Go on, you know you want to!

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