British Sandwich Week: Ice-cream Sandwiches

It's British Sandwich Week 2017! Naturally we're celebrating! This week we have covered meaty and veggie sandwiches, so today we are going to depart slightly and go with ice cream sandwiches. They're still sandwiches right? Totally legit! We've found some of the best to tempt you too!

To start with have a delightful raspberry and brownie combo! Moving on with strawberries roasted in balsamic vinegar and combined with cookies! Then we have some towers of Thai tea and ginger ice cream sandwiches. Yum!

On the next row we start with awesome lemon meringue pie ice cream sandwiches! Next, we've gone with waffles and ice cream! Finally we've got some chocolate dipped ice cream sandwiches. Really, they are all very tempting!



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