International Coffee Day 2016

The 1st of October marks International Coffee Day! It's an occasion to promote and celebrate the brilliant, what would we do without it beverage, coffee! Not only is it a great drink but also makes a fabulous ingredient in foods like cake and chocolate! Life would be very dull without it!

To do our part in celebrating this coveted bean we have done a little round up of the Top 10 great coffee related products. From charming cups and mugs to delightful coffee pots. Then there's the CouchCoaster which is pure genius, holding your coffee safely on the arm of your sofa! After all, you don't want to spill any! You will also need an excellent coffee maker to ensure your coffee tastes as smooth and rich as it deserves to be. The Ninja coffee bar is a great choice as it is very versatile with a lot of features including the size of the coffee, a cup or full jug for example and different coffee types and you can even put it on delay to have the coffee ready when you want it, all at the press of a button! Make mine a large!


Similiar Items


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