British Sandwich Week: Meaty Sandwiches

So, the 14 - 20 May 2017 is British Sandwich Week! We Brits eat an awful lot of sandwiches, in fact, over 11 billion a year! The sandwich does seem to be a quintessentially British thing and was reputedly named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich as he didn't want to waste time at the gambling table taking a meal. To celebrate the week, we have rounded up some of the best meaty sandwiches for some inspiration.

First up is the fabulous apple chutney and prosciutto with melted Gruyere cheese and pears. A delightful combination! Then we have a wonderful double decker club sandwich with chicken, anchovies, egg and lettuce. Then a very popular grilled cheese sandwich with the added attraction of a bacon and red onion marmalade.

On the next row we start with a very enticing chicken schnitzel sandwich with a juicy avocado and tomato salsa. Next is the ultimate lamb burger sandwich, which is quite a whopper! Lastly, a fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw and a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce. Can't go wrong! Delish!

Enjoy British Sandwich Week!


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