Mother's Day Tea for Two Biscuit Tin Review

Elegantly displayed in a fanciful tin, meticulously wrapped in crisp black tissue paper, layered carefully to reveal a new intricate and colourful biscuit design as you eat your way to the bottom, these fantastic Mother’s Day biscuits from Biscuiteers make a gorgeous gift and endless trove of edible treasures for the entire family to enjoy, that’s if Mum is willing to share!

The biscuits themselves, aptly shaped as vintage inspired tea pots, jugs and mugs, are perfect for a special afternoon tea with Mum on Mother’s Day. Exquisitely iced in enchanting, soft pastel colours and expertly piped with flowers, lemons and strawberries, these tantalising biscuits provide a delightful reminder of the natural wonders soon to grace the earth as the warmer seasons take over this chilling winter. Hand decorated with a unique and rare precision and extraordinary detailing, you’ll find each strawberry delicately topped with it’s characteristic, delicate seeds and vivid green stalk, each flower built up of individual petals with pollen at the centre and green skeletal leaves flourishing alongside and each lemon displaying it’s textured rind and beautifully patterned cross section. The care, effort and time so evidently put into each individual biscuit is unparalleled.

Baked with golden syrup and flavoured with vanilla and allspice, these biscuits have a subtle, warming undertone of cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg as well as a moreish caramel vanilla sweetness. With an indescribable cake like softness and crumbing sweet icing that melts on the tongue, these biscuits are, without question, a cut above the rest.

As a gift, the charming, whimsical presentation box is almost as much of a treat as the mouth watering biscuits concealed within. This graceful biscuit tin, a pale turquoise blue in colour, adorned with sophisticated tea time typography and decorated with an energetic, fun and lively scene of an afternoon tea party coming to life - teapots pouring, biscuits playing hide & seek, tea cups stacked high, precariously wobbling and sugar spoons dancing - is one you’ll want to keep on display long after the contents have mysteriously disappeared. The only problem is, the tin curiously asks us ‘One biscuit or two?’, when it’s obvious the real answer simply must be ‘every last one’!



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