National Cereal Day Cereals

To celebrate National Cereal Day we have found and are sharing with you today, some fabulous cereals to help you get off to a great start in the mornings!

To kick off, from Dorset we have Primrose's Kitchen raw beetroot and ginger muesli, balanced with a combination of oats, nuts and seeds, to provide you with lots of nutritious goodness. When you're in a hurry, these pots from Stoats are very handy, just add boiling water, also packed with yummy cranberries, blueberries and raspberries! From Rude Health we have sprouted porridge oats, yes that's a thing! It's as pure as can be and more nourishing, the oats are simply rolled, making them easier to digest! From Lizi's we have a naturally indulgent toasted cereal with passionfruit and pistachio, providing lots of slow released energy. From Ireland we have found Paddy O's delicious toasted oat cereal which comes in 3 flavours: apple and cinnamon, berries and fruit and seeds. The instant porridge from Clearspring is ready in 5! It's made with nutty buckwheat flakes, wholegrain white quinoa and chia seeds, naturally rich in omega 3. It helps you stay fuller for longer.

From Shropshire we have this lovely organic porridge oats from Pimhill farm, providing a hearty breakfast. Another convenient pot is this one from Wolfy's, just add water and it comes with a jam pot inside to add a fantastic fruity taste. Alara have created an amazing organic fruit, seed and spice muesli combination. Lastly, from Yorkshire we have Side Oven's granola with hazelnuts and mixed berries. Made with natural organic ingredients baked in their wood burning oven, this award winning granola packs a tangy punch!

Happy National Cereal Day!!

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