National Salami Day

Yes people, today is the day we celebrate the coveted salami! It's National Salami Day!

What is salami? It's a cured, fermented and air dried sausage, historically popular in the Mediterranean with peasants, as it could keep well without being refrigerated. There are many different styles and varieties of salami, depending on the coarseness of the cut meat and the many different ingredients that may be added, such as chilli, pepper, wine, truffles etc.

Luckily for us, the British charcuterie scene is gaining momentum with many talented and passionate artisan producers making excellent cold meats, helping promote a resurgence in British food. We have done a round up for you of some of the best salami producers that use free range pigs. We happen to think that the best charcuterie/salami's are made with the best meat and if the pigs are reared ethically and sustainably and without unnecessary antibiotic use, it makes for a better product in our view.

There are a couple of other producers worth mentioning, which aren't featured below, as it is not possible to purchase on-line at the time of writing, but have a list of retailers or contact details and they are: Moons Green Charcuterie; Native Breeds, and from Northern Ireland Corndale Charcuterie.



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