National Tea Day Products

Today, the 21st April not only celebrates the Queen's birthday, but also lays claim to another special occasion, that is, National Tea Day! I'm sure Her Majesty herself will be partaking in a cuppa or two today!

Tea, the nation's favourite drink and reputedly, the favourite drink of the world. Of course, there are many different flavours and types of tea, so that huge variety will help!

There are many arguments over how a cup of tea should be made, with regard to the temperature, whether the milk goes in before or after the tea and the means of boiling. It has recently been suggested, to many people's horror, that it should be heated in a microwave! Well I'm not sure I can agree with that, but one thing is for sure and that is, that it is a popular and refreshing drink. If ever there is any problem, keep calm and have a cup of tea!

To celebrate the day we have created a lovely round-up of tea accessories and tea products. Hope you approve!

Happy National Tea Day!

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