Organic September Food Finds

This month is Organic September!

There are many reasons we love Organic food, all year round, not just for Organic September. We love organic because for one, it reduces the amount of chemicals we're exposed to eating through potentially harmful cumulative effects of pesticides and herbicides. Organic farming is less harmful to the environment and works with nature to nurture it and get the best from it. It's better for animals too, which are free range, are fed a natural or organic diet and are not given routine antibiotics and other drugs. Wildlife also thrives in an organic environment. With those things in mind it's got to be healthier and more nutritious for us to eat! Win win win! In celebration we have done a little round up of some of the lovely organic products available.

To begin with we have some Japanese umami paste from Clearspring. Umami is said to be 'the fifth taste' and translates into 'deliciousness'! It certainly is delicious and really peps up a meal with a savoury hit. Available with chilli or ginger. Next, a tasty creamy butter that tastes like butter should taste, made the traditional way. You must try these handy breakfast pots from Rachel's. Filled with delicious vanilla yogurt and topped with a sweet crunchy granola, a great way to get breakfast on the go. Also get up to a good start with the lovely lemon marmalade from Clare's. Or get some very tasty organic cheese from Pong. If you prefer honey on your toast, you would do well to try this gorgeous wildflower one from Littleover Apiary.

Try something different with seaweed pasta, smells of the sea when cooking but surprisingly neutral in taste, with way more nutrients than wheat pasta. Winner. Wake up to organic and Fairtrade coffee in the morning with a rich, smooth taste. A little chocolate from Green & Black's wouldn't go amiss, it's more chocolately than most milk chocolate. Delicious.

You can't beat grass fed organic lamb, it's simply the best, like these chops from Coombe Farm. Hodmedod produces fine British pulses and grains and these lovely split peas are great in a warming soup. And lastly, an organic Scottish rib of beef, bursting with flavour. Enjoy!!


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