Pancake Day Essentials

One of our favourite days of the year! Hooray for pancakes!

Who won't enjoy making pancakes when they can put them on this charming pancake plate from JimBob Art at Liberty? If turning pancakes is a bit tricky, get one of these pancake turners to make the job easier! Also, this little crepe maker set makes it so easy to make them, no excuses! Or a handy little non stick pan like this stylish one from Le Crueset would do nicely!

We're loving this cool lemon press from designer Eva Solo, to squeeze your lemons to go with the sugar combo. Sweeten with some lovely organic maple syrup, pancakes and syrup are just two combos made for each other! This pancake mixer is a great invention. Fill up with stated ingredients up to the appropriate line (no measuring necessary) and shake it up! You can make pretty designs with it too! Or use the stylish gold whisk!

To top go for a classic salted caramel sauce like the delicious one from Hawkshead Relish #cantgowrong!

Happy Pancake Day!!!

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