Six of the best Rhubarb Cocktails

Yes, six of the best! Rhubarb in cocktails is the business!

The delightful rhubarb fizz cocktails are a mix of rhubarb syrup, gin, lemon and topped with prosecco. The rhubarb raspberry fizz is made up, apart from the obvious rhubarb and raspberries, with vanilla and added sparkling water or your preferred fizz! Then we have a refreshing rhubarb iced tea, made with a rhubarb syrup, sweetened with honey if preferred, and then adding lemon, ice and some fresh basil or mint.

From Pixels and Crumbs we have a rhubarb and basil cocktail consisting of a nice mix of vodka and sparkling water. Next is a delectable hibiscus, strawberry and rhubarb iced tea, packed with antioxidants and vitamins and to finish a rhubarb mimosa, a cool mixture of rhubarb and prosecco. Just perfect.



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