Rhubarb for Breakfast

There's nothing like a dollop of rhubarb to get you going in the morning! We have found some delicious, nutritious and healthy rhubarb based breakfasts for you to choose from. You're welcome!

To start off, we have a lovely pistachio rose granola, mixed with vanilla stewed yoghurt. So good! Next we have sumptuous roasted strawberries and rhubarb added to a creamy yoghurt and granola. If you like a pastry in the morning, this rhubarb Danish is delightful!

Alternatively, try a full bodied combination of some mini pancakes/crepes with blood orange and roasted rhubarb. Yum! Or try these strawberry buttermilk pancakes with elderflower and poached rhubarb, a luscious combination! Lastly, a classic waffle but with some added delight in the form of rhubarb cream!

Enjoy your breakfast!


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