Rhubarb Vodka and a Rhubarb Gin or Two!

Being a big fan of rhubarb, pink and alcohol, it was only a matter of time before we covered rhubarb alcoholic drinks. This feature mostly covers rhubarb vodka as they seem more prevalent, but it also includes a few rhubarb gins, because how could we leave out the gin?

From Brittains we have a colourful and luxurious strawberry and rhubarb combination, vodka liqueur. Next, from Nip from the Hip we have a punchy and refreshing rhubarb vodka liqueur. From Scotland we have a fine organic rhubarb vodka from Lyle's, try it over ice or in a champagne cocktail. Yes please! Chase slowly cook British rhubarb and add it to their renowned, award winning vodka. Yum! The Fruit Kitchen makes a deliciously fruity rhubarb vodka made with local produce up in Northumberland. From their North Yorkshire base, The Little Red Berry Co make a mellow and fruity rhubarb vodka liqueur with a hint of sweetness. From Yorkshire we have a full flavoured rhubarb liqueur, delicious on its own or as an aperitif over ice.

In regard to those gins we mentioned, we have an choice from Warner Edwards and Edinburgh Gin, both excellent. The rhubarb used in Warner Edwards' gin is grown on Crown Estates using rhubarb originally from Queen Victoria's Buckingham Palace garden. It has resulted in a very fine, flavoursome gin! From the heart of Scotland, Edinburgh Gin have made a fabulous concoction with rhubarb and ginger liqueur with a little lemon, resulting in tangy, fresh taste! Make mine a double! Cheers!


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