Top 5 Brownies on-line

In celebration of Brownie Day we have not only rounded up some of the best recipes but, if you would rather buy some ready made, we have picked some good uns for you to buy too!

To kick off we have these very indulgent, luxury brownies from Bad Brownies, apparently set up by 2 crazy chocolate addicts determined to spread the gourmet brownie love! The brownies are 'bad' because they have attitude - sexier, meaner and edgier! Oh er!!

Next up we have these white chocolate brownies from Hobbs House Bakery. They are expert at making bread, so I figure they are probably pretty damn good at brownies too!

Then we have a Break out the Brownies box from Sweet Reason. Each of their brownies is matched to a Teapigs temple that complements its flavour. Yum!

Also featured is the award winning Heathcliff Orange and Almond Brownie made from ground almonds and molten chocolate, so it's gluten free too!

Last but not least are these luxury brownies from, appropriately, Love Brownies. Handmade with love and beautifully wrapped with a hand written note.

Right, who's hungry?!


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