Top 50 Smoothies for a Healthy January (Part 5)

Here is the final part of our epic Smoothie recipe share that we hope will help you stick with some of those healthy New Year's resolutions and of course, with Dry January.

For our final ten divine and healthy drinks, we use the term 'smoothie' very, very loosely. If we could have, the title should have read 'Top 50 Smoothies, Sugar Free Iced Teas, Flavoured Waters, Alcohol Free Cocktails, No Sugar Lemonades and Smoothie Breakfast Bowls' but honesty, the URL would have been a nightmare.

We are however sticking with the healthy January aspect of these drinks, keeping them all alcohol free, added/refined sugar free, antioxidant and vitamin packed and naturally (in every sense of the word), delicious.


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