Top Cookery Books 2017: Christmas Gift Ideas

Cookery books can make great gifts! If you need any help in choosing any cookery books to give as gifts for Christmas, let us help you with this selection of our top 10 picks. It is difficult to only pick 10 of course, as there are so many great cookery books out there, but we think this is a wonderful collection for starters, picked for different reasons!

Some are to encourage travel and adventure in exploring new places. The Sportsman restaurant is still in the UK to be fair, so it is possibly more easy to reach, though you will need to book some months in advance. In the mean-time, you can satisfy your appetite with recipes from the book. The World Atlas of Street Food, on the other hand, will encourage you to travel, well, the world! The diversity and beauty of the places and food are exceptional. There is a great narrative, vendor highlights and recipes. A Culinary Quest will take you, in depth, to Mexico. This is a truly stunning book, not technically a cookery book as there are no recipes, but images aplenty of beautifully photographed food. It will take you on the most extraordinary journey, through the land of Mexico, through the lens of food and would make a very impressive gift. A little closer to home is Lisboeta, a collection of recipes from Portugal's city of light. Lisbon is known for it's culinary delights so this would make a great gift for a foodie maybe as an encouragement to visit the place or as a momento of a past visit.

Next up, we have chosen some lovely books for those that love their sweet dishes! Aptly named, first up is Sweet which is from Yotam Ottolenghi and Helen Goh. A sumptuous book full of non apologetic, pretty sugary sweets! Along similar lines is Crave from baker Martha Collison, with beautifully indulgent treats, some of which can be made in an instant, for those with immediate and strong cravings! The French Pátisserie book is stunning, a real tome of a book which would make an impressive gift! It is beautifully illustrated and gorgeous to look at. Learn how to make pátisserie from the pros, with beginner recipes to Michelin level.

The next couple of books are household staples, if you like, practical and useful. In Broth to Bowl you'll learn how to make comforting soups from 6 basic broth recipes. Once you have mastered those, you can start to experiment by adding favoured ingredients or simple use up left-overs. They are both nutritious and delicious! Also indispensable is The Art of the Larder. If you're anything like me and look at a full store cupboard and totally lack ideas, this book will come to the rescue helping you to think creatively and imaginatively and it might just save you from having to go to the shops when you don't really want to! Result.

Last but not least is Round to Ours which is very apt at this time of year when it is especially lovely to entertain friends and family. Jackson & Levine show you how it is done, not only by concentrating on wonderful food but also on creating the right ambience to ensure everyone is at ease and enjoying the good food!


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