Top Egg Cups for Easter

For me, one of the most simple but effective ways to decorate at Easter is to lay out all your favourite egg cups on your dining table and fill each one with miniature chocolate eggs until each one is stacked high and overflowing, chocolate and colour messily spilling all over the table. As a centrepiece on your immaculately set dinner table, this looks wonderful, and we recommend seriously indulging this year, so if you're running low on egg cups, here's a huge collection of our current favourites!

For animal and bird lovers, we've a whole host of fun egg cup options starting with this incredibly cute white Easter bunny egg cup, complete with charming pink ears and a delightful smile. We also adore this detailed sculpted Dutch rabbit egg cup, intricately painted in black and white with shining eyes and painted fur. This British bird egg cup celebrates all the famous and recognisable birds from our back gardens that we hear sing and watch pick at worms from our kitchen windows and this charming gosling egg cup screams Easter cuteness! We also adore these very sophisticated bird and nest egg cups which feature exquisite paintings of a bird in flight and a nest filled with blue eggs. For a more modern and arty twist, we very fond of these retro hen egg cups in bold vintage colours as well as these chic grey and pale blue bird egg cups with feather detailing and cute little beaks! Finally, we love this owl egg cup, complete with patterned wings and a tail, perfect for resting your soldiers on!

If you're a fan of florals and want to add a touch of spring to your Easter display, we love this traditional floral egg cup with delicate flowers and intertwining leaves, as well as this sophisticated and timeless blue and white floral number. For a serious kick of colour, this wild flower meadow egg cup will brighten any table display and this lovely yellow floral egg cup is certainly a celebration of spring!

We're also big fans of a great pattern and love these super modern, stylish black and white diamond patterned egg cups for an entirely new twist on Easter decorating. For a retro feel, we also adore these vintage joined dot patterned egg cups and these pastel coloured retro egg cups which make for a brilliantly coordinated Easter display!

Finally, for a really quirky Easter display, these funny feet egg cups are sure to impress with their silly rocket ship, football boot and chicken feet stands! For a farming theme, these miniature egg bucket egg cups add a wonderful country touch to your table and for gardening lovers, you can't beat a flowerpot and shovel egg cup!

Happy Easter!

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