Top Scottish Gins

We're going a bit Scottish today, as a great celebratory day for Scots moves closer - Burn's Night, an opportunity to remember and celebrate their great poet! The favourite tipple of the Scots has long been whiskey, which is still very popular, but there may be a new kid on the block judging by the number and quality of craft gins being made in Scotland! Here is our round up of our best finds:

To kick off we have Porter's Gin from Aberdeen, their botanicals are carefully selected and painstakingly tested, resulting in a bold juniper base with citrus overtones. The Botanist gin is hand crafted on the Isle of Islay who use 9 aromatics and 22 botanics foraged from the hills, bogs and shores of the island resulting in a complex, satin smooth, floral gin. Next up we have Arbikie gin, produced on the Arbikie Highland Estate on the East Coast of Angus, they grow, distil and bottle everything on the estate, producing a fresh, crisp and balanced flavour. Rock Rose gin is a taste of Caithness, which gets it's wonderful flavour from the carefully selected botanicals, both local and traditional, resulting in a flavourful, zesty and berryful flavour. Daffy's gin, single batch, copper pot distilled, use the very best traditional and some new botanicals, providing a smooth and perfectly balanced gin. Caorunn (ka-roon) gin is hand crafted in the Scottish Highlands in small batches, where they expertly infuse 5 locally foraged botanicals with pure grain spirit and natural Scottish water, providing a crisp and aromatic taste.

Love Gin from Eden Mill, St Andrews, is a pink gin that uses 5 core botanicals and 8 further exotic flavours, resulting in a fruity, flora aroma and a mellow red berry and citrus flavour. Crossbill is a small batch Highland craft gin produced with 100% Scottish juniper and rosehip, working in hand with nature to produce a unique and flavoursome gin. From Glasgow we have Makar gin. Makar is the Scots word for poet. They hand craft their gin providing a bright, vibrant and well balanced gin. Edinburgh gin is created with a blend of 13 botanicals for a distinctly Scottish flavour, featuring native heather, milk thistle and pine. Pickering's gin is also made in Edinburgh, based on an old Bombay recipe and fine-tuned, creating a smooth, refreshing and flavoursome gin. The last featured gin is a small batch artisan pure grain gin, distilled and bottled by North Berwick Distillery in Scotland. It is handmande from carefully selected botanicals, producing a full flavoured quality gin.

Chin chin!!


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