Valentines Desserts

What better way to finish a celebratory Valentines Day dinner than with a romantic and sweet dessert! We have found the most luxurious, tempting and beautiful desserts appropriate for the big day from highly talented food bloggers. Enjoy!

First we have chosen some delicious pears that look so sumptuous and juicy with added chocolate and an almond crunch. They look sooo good! The next two desserts include pomegranate, not surprisingly as they look like jewels and so inviting, one is a brownie recipe and the other a tart. Next we have the prettiest cupcakes ever made, with delicious poached rhubarb. The dark chocolate with petals looks so beautiful, the adding of rose petals always seems to have that effect! You also can't go wrong with chocolate brownie cupcakes nicely decorated with some small hearts! The macarons certainly make a statement as they look stunning and make a gorgeous dessert as would the chocolate souffle decorated with a heart from using a stencil and icing sugar!

Happy Valentines Day!


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