Vodkas to Try on National Vodka Day

Wednesday 4th October 2017 is National Vodka Day! Known as the 'Water of Life', it's not clear where vodka originated, many think of it as a Russian drink, maybe because vodka consumption is the highest in this country. It has also been linked to Finland and other Scandavanian countries as well as Poland. It originates from around the 12th century, principally for medicinal purposes, later gaining a reputation for its intoxicating properties!

Vodka is made from many different ingredients including potatoes, grapes, grain and beets. The final flavour of the vodka depends more on how it was made though, rather than it's ingredients. Whatever you choose, enjoy this special day of celebration. For further information see: National Vodka Day

Check out our round-up of vodka picks. Cheers!


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